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Evolved Consciousness

Leanne Juliette

Welcome to The Evolved Consciousness Podcast hosted by Leanne Juliette - Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Priestess, Spiritual Rebel, Catalyst, Heyoka Mirror & Mystic. This podcast is set to revolutionize the concept of spirituality by merging Ancient Mysticism with Higher Dimensional Consciousness. This podcast explores Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Consciousness, Energetics, Multidimensionality & Mysticism to revolutionize your Life, Business, Relationships & Spiritual Journey. As a High Priestess & Psychic Intuitive Channel, Leanne Juliette is able to tap into the energies of the world around us, the Cosmos & multidimensional timelines to bring through information to activate deeper transformation within. Shadow, Darkness, Magic, Energetics & Mysticism are her playground as she seeks to expand your vision & set you free to be whoever the fuck you choose to be. Welcome to Evolved Consciousness.To connect with Leanne Juliette more, go to https://www.leannejuliette.com

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